A Burst of Inspiration

  • Three Questions for an Atheist (Vimeo)

      Nature - Natural or Miraculous? Who can look at a sunset and not say "Wow, look at the beauty of this world!"? Yet, it seems that we rarely do that. It is almost as if we are detached from the natural world - as if the world of lions, tigers and bears is a Read more

  • Wonders of Creation

    Click here if you can't see below video. Burst of Inspiration - Wonders of Creation Of course we daven. Three times a day. Everyday. The question is - how real is our davening? And, to whom are we davening? It often seems that our davening is more talking to the walls than talking to Hashem! Read more

Shmuz on the Parsha

  • Acharei Mos 5774

    Systems of Human Perfection “And a man from the house of Israel, and from the converts who live with you, who shall consume any blood, I shall place My face against the soul of the one who consumed blood, and I shall cut it off from amongst your nation.” Vayikrah  17: 10 The Torah warns us Read more

Latest Shmuz

  • #243- Needs of the Soul
    #243- Needs of the Soul

    Throughout history, man has sought happiness. The philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote: “All men seek happiness. This is without exception. The cause of some going to war, and of others avoiding it... This is the motive of every action of every man, even of those who hang themselves.” The question is: why do so few find Listen Now

  • #242- Marriage the Second Time Around
    #242- Marriage the Second Time Around

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  • #241 - The Gratitude Attitude
    #241 - The Gratitude Attitude

    Clearly, someone who is appreciative enjoys a good life. When he smells flowers, he savors them. When he looks at beautiful sights, he experiences joy. He takes pleasure from the simple things in life, and has an unending stream of things to bring him satisfaction. In short, his life is exalted. And that’s all fine Listen Now

The Shmuz Live

Host an ispirational presentation with Rabbi Shafier of the shmuz! Walk away with a new sense of purpose and direction in your life Find new inspiration in your davening and relationship with HASHEM Come away with a new understanding of the human personality based on the teachings of our sages.

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Parsha in Depth

The Parsha in Depth

Listen each week, as we take a segment of that week`s parsha and learn it in depth through the eyes of the rishonim, medrash and gemarah

  • Gain new understanding and appreciation of what really happend in the events of the Parsha
  • Acquire a perspective on the greatness of the Avos and Imaos
  • Walk away with many, many life-changing mussar concepts

Each shiur is approximately 45 minutes long and focuses on one aspect of that week`s parsha.

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Shmuz Magnet

The Shmuz magnet now appears on more than 10,000 vehicles wordwide. Vehicles as varied as a Volkwagen Beetla to a Sherman Tank. Here is an array of recently sighted Shmuz magnets.