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#2 Yomim Noraim – Issues of the Day
#3 Yom Kippur – The power of Teshuvah
#15 Chanukah G-d fights Our Wars
#25 They don’t make anti Semites like they used to
#28 People Believe what they want to Believe
#49 Yom Kippur- The Capacity of a human
#56 Chanukah – The Death of Right and Wrong
Purim 101
#88 Chanukah - The Effect of Outside Influences
#93 Shabbos- Foundation of our Emunah
#115 - Preparing For Yom Kipper
#123 - Chanukah: Whose Side Are You On?
#149 - The System of Tshuvah
#2 Yomim Noraim – Issues of the Day
So many issues are decided on this day: who will live, who will die; who will be healthy, who will be sick; who will be successful, who won’t….

Since we accept and understand this, one would assume that we would be deeply moved by the davening on Rosh Hashanah. One would assume that we would spend the day in reverence and awe. Yet that seems to be very far from the way we ...

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