This Year Gain clarity and understanding about Purim, as the story of the Meggilah opens up in front of you!

Even a person, who hasn't gone through all of the seforim and all of the Mefarshim on Purim, will be left with a very comprehensive picture of what actually took place in the Megillah! And will gain a very clear insight as to what exactly transpired, with unparalleled clarity unlike anything they ever perceived before. This is a gift you don't want to miss giving! One which will be well appreciated, and for a very long time!

Purim is right around the corner. And when properly understood, its lessons can be enduring, meaningful and serve as a powerful bonding tool between us and Hashem.

  Megilas Esther - "The Story Behind the Story” is a  4 CD set with in-depth, behind-the-scenes facts , that allow you to understand the events as they unfold with crystal clarity.

In the words of one listener: “It is unsurpassed in its scope, its simplicity and its depth… more than  anything I have  heard before, on the subject of the Megillah.”

It is available either as a four CD set or as a digital download.

Once you purchase the file, you can either burn it to your own CD, put it on your mp-3 player, or simply listen on line. The files that you will be sent contain the same audio files that are on the CDs, but in a digital format.


The cost for the four CD set is 24.95 (plus shipping)

The cost for the digital files is only $19.95


Megilas Esther 4 CD

Megilas Esther MP3


I hope you will find this Purim a meaningful and joyous occasion!

A Fraylach Purim,
Rabbi B. Shafier

P.S. People have been telling me that  Megilas Esther - "The Story Behind the Story" 4 CD literally has changed their Purim. I hope you will join them! When you do listen to it, please send me an e-mail about your experience.


Megilas Esther 4 CD

Megilas Esther MP3