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 4554Interview with noted author, Riva Pomerantz Aug 20122

4554Hamodia Interview Aug 2011


4554Hamodia Aug 2011


4554The Shmuz in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh


4554The Shmuz at the Torah Umesorah Convention/ J.P.


4554Stop Surviving Start living series on


4554The Shmuz in In Fashion 


4554The Shmuz in Winnipeg


4554May 19th Community News


4554SSSL Excerpt in Jewish World Of Wonder


4554Hamodia Book Review


4554Winnipeg Jewish review


4554Segment Series of SSSL on Learning Center


4554The Shmuz on


4554The Smuz in Cleveland's localjewishnews.con


4554The Shmuz Meets RAJE


4554Hamodia Calendar of Shmuz News


4554yated book review


4554Shmuz on Arutz Sheva


4554Hamodia Feldheim Ad- April 13


4554Jewish Press book review


4554Lakewood Shopper Book Review


4554Jewish World of Wonder


4554In Fashion; The Princess and the Peasant


4554Rabbi Shafier - Five Towns Jewish Times


4554Yated Ne'eman April 6


4554The Shmuz Country Yossi Radio Click to listen to the interview




4554The Jewish Press


4554Flatbush Jewish Journal


4554Yated; Hakhel Purim Shmuz


4554Keren's Article


4554Kollel to open in Flatbush


4554Hamodia Article on TheShmuz 2


4554Hamodia Article on TheShmuz 1


4554Letter from Oorah


4554letter from Rabbi Shmuel Klein from Torah Umasorah


4554December 2010 - TheShmuz Article in Yated Ne'eman


4554September 2008 ,TBT / The Shmuz Article in The Hamodia


4554May 2008 ,TBT / The Shmuz Article in The Hamodia


4554August 2007 ,TBT / The Shmuz Press Release in The Jewish Press

4554January 2007 ,The Shmuz is awarded "Best of the Best" in Outreach See it on here

JAN/FEB 2006, The Jewish Observer. A generation at-risk: Are Bnei Torah in the Workplace Immune? By Debbie Maimon
December 30 2005, Yated Ne’eman. Project YES Meets “The Shmuz”
December 28, 2005, Hamodia. Project YES Meets “The Shmuz”
November 25 2005, Yated Ne’eman. Tiferes Bnei Torah: A Place Where Young Working People “Belong”: “Where do I fit?”
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