TBT Locations and Events: Queens
  The newest branch to join Tiferes Bnei Torah is our Queens Division, based currently in Kew Gardens Hills. Led by Rabbi Zev Davidowitz, we now have a full learning schedule in place, which includes an Iyun Shiur two nights a week, a shiur each morning in practical Halacha immediately following davening, The Shmuz on Monday night, as well as women's shiurim and guest lecturers.  

The Shmuz
Iyun Shiur
Daily Practical Halacha Shiur
Womens shiurim
Guest Lecturers
Left: Groovin & Shmuzin during Purim | Top Right: Morning Breakfest | Bottom Right: A Shmuz Lecture

Schedule of Shiurim – Queens Morning Classes
Join us each for morning for minyan and then a Shiur in Practical Halacha immediately following davening. The morning program is held in Ahavas Yisroel (Rabbi Welcher's shul) 147-02 73 Ave.

Evening Classes
All Shiurim are held in the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva 76-01 147th St. Kew Gardens Hills, NY

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